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SpongeBob Wiki:Userboxes

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Userboxes are customizable boxes that allow users to introduce or describe themselves to other users. They are meant to be used on userpages.


  • To begin a userbox tower, type {{userboxtop}}
  • Add some userboxes using {{userbox}}
  • Add {{userboxbottom}} at the end of a page. This is the same as adding |}, but the template exists to make the source look more organized.

Creating a userbox[edit]

Creating a new userbox is easy and does not require any HTML knowledge. The parameters are self-explanatory, and they can be used to add text, images and color. A userbox is created by using this format:


This is an example of a userbox:

SpongeBob.svg This user is a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants!

For the two "...background" options, specify a color either by name, hex code or with the {{Color}} template. The "id" field represents the left side of an infobox, which shows either an image or text. The "info" field is the text displayed on the right.

List of userboxes[edit]

For a list of sample userboxes, see SpongeBob Wiki:Userbox list.