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Pearl Krabs

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Pearl Krabs
Pearl Krabs.png
Artwork of Pearl Krabs
General information
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Species: Sperm whale
Occupation(s): Student
Family: Mr. Krabs (father)
Unseen mother (mother)
Other information
Interests: Shopping, fashion,
Education: Bikini Bottom High School
Behind the scenes
First appearance: "Squeaky Boots"
Portrayed by: Lori Alan

Pearl Krabs is a teenage sperm whale who lives in a hollow anchor with her father, Mr. Krabs. She is taller than the other characters, which reflects the fact that whales are the largest aquatic animal in the world. Pearl has blonde hair, which is tied into a ponytail, and a blue, oval-shaped eye on each side of her head. Pearl has six eyelashes on each eye. Pearl's upper lip is represented by a red heart on the bottom of her nose. She is dressed in a pink cheerleader outfit and white boots. Pearl has the personality of a stereotypical teenage girl. She first appears in the episode "Squeaky Boots". Pearl is voiced by Lori Alan.

The relation between Pearl and Mr. Krabs, despite the difference in species, is never explained in the show. Pearl has a mother, who is never seen in the show, but sources confirm that she is a whale like Pearl.

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