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Stormy Weather

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"Stormy Weather"
Stormy Weather main image.png
SpongeBob holding Drizzle
Season number: 12
Production code: 246b
First airing: USA June 22, 2019
Sister episode(s): Plankton's Old Chum
Writer(s): Doug Lawrence
Storyboard director: Brian Morante
Supervising director: Adam Paloian
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
Stormy Weather title card.png

“I always wanted to have a pet cloud formation.”

"Stormy Weather" is the second segment of the fifth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Plankton's Old Chum." In this episode, SpongeBob finds a small storm cloud named Drizzle, which he has to protect from a zany weather man.



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A small storm cloud gets separated from his parents while SpongeBob is watching Gale Doppler announce the weather. He sees that it's raining outside and asks himself why it's raining if Gale Doppler said it would be sunny skies. The rain turns out to be from the baby storm cloud, so SpongeBob decides to take him under his wing. He names the cloud Drizzle and the two start doing many activities together.

One day, he ties Drizzle onto a fence and tells him he can't go inside the house until he's housebroken, due to Gary not being fond of him. While he brings him his food, the cloud escapes and starts causing havoc on Bikini Bottom. Gale Doppler notices this and tries to suck up Drizzle so his prediction about the weather can stay true.

SpongeBob goes looking for Drizzle and eventually finds him. He thanks Gale Doppler for finding him but he says he needs to suck up the cloud as it is a danger to the public, so the two use leaf blowers to get Drizzle. SpongeBob has a kid handle the leaf blower, allowing him to grab the cloud. While he's escaping, Drizzle gets pulled in by Gale Doppler using a large reef blower attached to a construction machine.

He begs him to let go of Drizzle, while crying out tears that make Drizzle bigger. The skies turn grey and Drizzle goes inside Gale Doppler's body, turning him into a storm cloud. He likes this as first, but realizes the damages caused to him and wants to go back to normal. He eventually hits the parent clouds of Drizzle, who make him come out of Gale. He asks about the clouds, but they blow him into the dehumidifier he was going to use on Drizzle and explodes. The cloud family leaves, but Drizzle gives off a smaller cloud for SpongeBob to keep.


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