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Season 12

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List of episodes[edit]

Title card # Title Premiere date
FarmerBob title card.png
"FarmerBob" November 11, 2018
SpongeBob and Patrick help out on Old Man Jenkins' farm for a day.
Gary & Spot title card.png
"Gary & Spot" July 27, 2019
Gary and Spot go on a nocturnal adventure with Sandy as the narrator.
The Nitwitting title card.png
"The Nitwitting" January 13, 2019
Patrick introduces SpongeBob to a society of doofuses called the Empty Head Society.
The Ballad of Filthy Muck title card.png
"The Ballad of Filthy Muck" January 20, 2019
Patrick becomes so filthy that he is mistaken for a being made of sludge named Filthy Muck.
The Krusty Slammer title card.png
"The Krusty Slammer" January 27, 2019
Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a jailhouse so he can keep Plankton captive.
Pineapple RV title card.png
"Pineapple RV" July 17, 2020
SpongeBob and Patrick turn SpongeBob's house into an RV to take Squidward to see a flower blooming.
Gary's Got Legs title card.png
"Gary's Got Legs" July 27, 2019
SpongeBob gives Gary a set of limbs, but this makes SpongeBob sluggish due to pampering.
King Plankton title card.png
"King Plankton" June 22, 2019
Plankton uses a shrinking belt to declare himself king of SpongeBob's sea chimp aquarium.
Plankton's Old Chum title card.png
"Plankton's Old Chum" November 30, 2019
SpongeBob helps Plankton dump his rotten chum all over the city, which leads to the creation of a new holiday.
Stormy Weather title card.png
"Stormy Weather" June 22, 2019
SpongeBob finds a small storm cloud named Drizzle, which he has to protect from a zany weather man.
Swamp Mates title card.png
"Swamp Mates" April 11, 2020
Bubble Bass is forced into a play date with Patrick, which turns into a swampy search for a lost action figure.
One Trick Sponge title card.png
"One Trick Sponge" April 11, 2020
SpongeBob tries to find someone to show his magic trick to.
The Krusty Bucket title card.png
"The Krusty Bucket" August 10, 2019
When Plankton creates a hybrid clone of him and Krabs, the new being takes over both of their restaurants.
Squid's on a Bus title card.png
"Squid's on a Bus" September 28, 2019
Squidward gets a job as a bus driver, which goes fine until SpongeBob and Patrick ride along.
Sandy's Nutty Nieces title card.png
"Sandy's Nutty Nieces" June 29, 2019
SpongeBob volunteers to take care of Sandy's nieces.
Insecurity Guards title card.png
"Insecurity Guards" June 29, 2019
SpongeBob and Patrick work as guards at a museum while Squidward tries to hang his painting.
Broken Alarm title card.png
"Broken Alarm" July 6, 2019
SpongeBob's alarm clock breaks, so he has to find a new one in order to wake up on time for work.
Karen's Baby title card.png
"Karen's Baby" August 10, 2019
Karen orders a new baby that grows up quickly over the course of a day.
Shell Games title card.png
"Shell Games" March 7, 2020
Patrick finds out that his rock is actually the shell of a sea turtle named Tony.
Senior Discount title card.png
"Senior Discount" July 6, 2019
Old Man Jenkins causes trouble in the Krusty Krab, so Mr. Krabs tries to kick him out.
Mind the Gap title card.png
"Mind the Gap" September 14, 2019
SpongeBob goes from silly to cool after Squidward closes the gap in his teeth.
Dirty Bubble Returns title card.png
"Dirty Bubble Returns" November 23, 2019
The Dirty Bubble is reformed as the Clean Bubble, but the grime in his new Krusty Krab cleaning job tempts him to go back to his old ways.
Jolly Lodgers title card.png
"Jolly Lodgers" March 7, 2020
Squidward goes to a hotel when his house becomes infested, but SpongeBob and Patrick await him there.
Biddy Sitting title card.png
"Biddy Sitting" February 8, 2020
SpongeBob and Patrick start a baby sitting service, but end up taking care of an old lady who tries to escape from them.
SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout title card.png
"SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout" July 12, 2019
SpongeBob and Patrick take a tour of the surface world as a distraction for SpongeBob's friends to set up his surprise party.
SpongeBob in RandomLand title card.png
"SpongeBob in RandomLand" September 21, 2019
SpongeBob and Squidward deliver a Krabby Patty to a weird land full of random creatures.
SpongeBob's Bad Habit title card.png
"SpongeBob's Bad Habit" September 21, 2019
SpongeBob tries to break his nail-biting habit.
Handemonium title card.png
"Handemonium" November 23, 2019
Plankton brings his Chum Bucket glove to life to win an arm wrestling contest, but the glove soon rampages around the city.
Breakin' title card.png
"Breakin'" September 14, 2019
Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob a 5 minute break in order to comply with labor authority.
Boss for a Day title card.png
"Boss for a Day" July 17, 2020
SpongeBob is left in charge of the Krusty Krab after Mr. Krabs gets severely injured, but he fails to keep up with the demanding business.
The Goofy Newbie title card.png
"The Goofy Newbie" September 28, 2019
Patrick gets a job at Goofy Goober's once he learns that the employees get free ice cream, and SpongeBob assists him.
The Ghost of Plankton title card.png
"The Ghost of Plankton" October 12, 2019
Plankton turns into a ghost to steal the secret formula, but cannot grab the bottle, so the Flying Dutchman teaches him how to be a ghost.
My Two Krabses title card.png
"My Two Krabses" January 18, 2021
When SpongeBob and Patrick think Mr. Krabs has melted, they fill his shell with chum in order to get him to a date with Mrs. Puff.
Knock Knock, Who's There title card.png
"Knock Knock, Who's There?" April 23, 2021
SpongeBob watches Mr. Krabs' house and tries to make sure no one gets in.
Pat Hearts Squid title card.png
"Pat Hearts Squid" July 9, 2021
Squidward is forced to stay at Patrick's house after his is destroyed.
Lighthouse Louie title card.png
"Lighthouse Louie" January 18, 2021
SpongeBob finds a troublesome snail while cleaning up the boating school's lighthouse.
Hiccup Plague title card.png
"Hiccup Plague" April 22, 2022
No one in Bikini Bottom is safe from a case of contagious hiccups.
A Cabin in the Kelp title card.png
"A Cabin in the Kelp" October 12, 2019
The Gal Pals take their new member, Pearl, to a cabin in the woods while SpongeBob gets lost in the kelp.
The Hankering title card.png
"The Hankering" November 30, 2019
SpongeBob finds out Mr. Krabs has a secret liking for chum, which Plankton exploits in a scheme to get the secret formula.
Who R Zoo title card.png
"Who R Zoo?" February 8, 2020
When SpongeBob is banned from the Central Park Zoo, he and Patrick make Central Park Zoo out of bubbles.
Kwarantined Krab title card.png
"Kwarantined Krab" April 29, 2022
The Krusty Krab goes under emergency quarantine, but no one knows who carries the mysterious illness.
Plankton's Intern title card.png
"Plankton's Intern" April 30, 2021
Plankton needs help to steal the secret formula, so he hires an intern who knows more about Mr. Krabs than anyone else.
Patrick's Tantrum title card.png
"Patrick's Tantrum" February 25, 2022
Patrick goes into a destructive fit whenever he hears a bell, so his friends help him in their own ways.
Bubble Bass's Tab title card.png
"Bubble Bass's Tab" April 9, 2021
Bubble Bass avoids paying his bill at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob and Squidward are sent to collect the cash.
Kooky Cooks title card.png
"Kooky Cooks" April 9, 2021
Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob and Squidward cook a fancy meal for Mrs. Puff, but every dish becomes a dispute.
Escape from Beneath Glove World title card.png
"Escape from Beneath Glove World" January 18, 2020
After SpongeBob and Patrick are sent to Glove World jail, they go on an adventure in the underground portions of the theme park to get a kid back into their cell.
Krusty Koncessionaires title card.png
"Krusty Koncessionaires" November 7, 2020
The Krusty Krab crew goes to a big concert to sell Krabby Patties in the stands.
Dream Hoppers title card.png
"Dream Hoppers" November 7, 2020
SpongeBob goes after a run-away Krabby Patty in the dreams of his neighbors.