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The Goofy Newbie

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"The Goofy Newbie"
The Goofy Newbie main image.png
The manager looking at SpongeBob's work
Season number: 12
Production code: 258b
First airing: USA September 28, 2019
Sister episode(s): Boss for a Day
Guest(s): Gary Anthony Williams
Writer(s): Kaz
Storyboard director: Kelly Armstrong
Supervising director: Dave Cunningham
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
The Goofy Newbie title card.png

“I'm getting a job at Goofy Goober!”

"The Goofy Newbie" is the second segment of the sixteenth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Boss for a Day." In this episode, Patrick gets a job at Goofy Goober's once he learns that the employees get free ice cream, and SpongeBob assists him.



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Patrick is at Goofy Goober's, sampling ice cream. The cashier gets annoyed and calls security to kick him out. Outside, he sees two of the workers at Goofy Goobers receiving ice cream on their break, prompting Patrick to apply for the job.

The manager of the place shows Patrick the history of Goofy Goobers as well as what he needs to do to be a good employee. He first tasks Patrick to clean the dishes. After they are all cleaned, the manager asks him how he cleaned them. He says he cleaned them using his saliva, disgusting the manager.

He gives him his next job, which is to unload ice cream boxes from a truck into the freezer. Patrick attempts to do this, but since he felt cold in there, he turned the heat on, causing a flood and annoying the manager.

Afterwards, he tasks Patrick to go into the Goofy Goober mascot costume to entertain the kids. While inside it, he sees that there is unattended ice cream, and decides to suck it all into his costume. The manager finds out about this and tells him if he fails at the job the next day, he'll fire him. He comes back home and tells SpongeBob, who was sitting on his house, about his day. He tells him he'll help him out at work so he doesn't get fired.

He hides inside of Patrick's uniform and starts working at the place efficiently. The manager is impressed with him and finally gives him a break, allowing him to get the free ice cream he wanted. As he's eating, he realizes his break is almost over, so he tries to eat all the ice cream he can. However, he eats so much ice cream that he gets a brain freeze, causing the Earth to freeze for five billion years. When it becomes unfrozen, the manager fires Patrick. Since he was lactose intolerant anyways, he walks out the restaurant into a UFO happily.


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