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Boss for a Day

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"Boss for a Day"
Boss for a Day main image.png
SpongeBob watching the order take place
Season number: 12
Production code: 258a
First airing: USA July 17, 2020
Sister episode(s): The Goofy Newbie
Writer(s): Andrew Goodman
Storyboard director: John Trabbic
Supervising director: Adam Paloian
Animation director: Alan Smart
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
Boss for a Day title card.png

“I...I'm in charge!”

"Boss for a Day" is the first segment of the sixteenth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "The Goofy Newbie." In this episode, SpongeBob is left in charge of the Krusty Krab after Mr. Krabs gets severely injured, but he fails to keep up with the demanding business.



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Mr. Krabs is helping out and protecting the Krusty Krab, until he gets distracted by a penny on the floor. SpongeBob accidentally slams the kitchen door on him, making him to bounce all over town until finally getting smashed by a piano. An ambulance arrives, but before they take him away, Mr. Krabs attempts to appoint Squidward to be the manager, but he puts SpongeBob in the direction of his fingers, accidentally giving him the manager role. This makes him happy, despite Squidward's belief that he'll ruin the restaurant.

Mr. Krabs in a full body cast and on a wheelchair, comes to see the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob is excited to meet him and shows him what he's done. Patrick's been hired to cook Krabby Patties while he goes around helping people with their problems, as he wants to act exactly like his regular boss. Meanwhile, Squidward is yelling at a customer, prompting SpongeBob to put a happy helmet on him. However, this makes him even more mad.

SpongeBob hears grinding from the kitchen, and realizes Patrick is cleaning a slicer wrongly. Afterwards, SpongeBob constantly tell Patrick he's doing his tasks is wrong, making Patrick frustrated enough to quit his job. SpongeBob tries to prevent him from leaving, but he shuts the door so hard SpongeBob spins around in it. After coming out, he sees a slice of himself was made. He gets the slice to man the grill as he goes outside to help out more. Squidward quits due to the angry customers, with SpongeBob failing to stop him.

The angry mob turns to SpongeBob, and in order to appease the customers, he creates another slice to man the cash register. However, the restaurant is still in a disastrous state, so he creates more slices to help him. This works out until Patrick comes to "clean his desk" by taking a customer's Krabby Patties. He leaves the doors opened, causing the SpongeBob slices to fly out of the restaurant, causing enough chaos to make Mr. Krabs snap and break out of his body cast. SpongeBob is sad that he let down the Krusty Krab, but Mr. Krabs tells him he saved him from several months in a body cast. However, he was still mad at what he did and leaves him hanging on the fan.


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