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My Two Krabses

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"My Two Krabses"
My Two Krabses main image.png
SpongeBob and Patrick with Chum Krabs
Season number: 12
Production code: 259b
First airing: USA January 18, 2021
Sister episode(s): The Ghost of Plankton
Writer(s): Andrew Goodman
Storyboard director: Fred Osmond
Supervising director: Sherm Cohen
Animation director: Michelle Bryan
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
My Two Krabses title card.png

"My Two Krabses" is the second segment of the seventeenth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "The Ghost of Plankton." In this episode, when SpongeBob and Patrick think Mr. Krabs has melted, they fill his shell with chum in order to get him to a date with Mrs. Puff.



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Mr. Krabs goes into a tanning booth in his room as part of him getting ready for his date with Mrs. Puff. While SpongeBob is serving a Krabby Patty to Patrick, he hears Mr. Krabs saying it is hot in his office. Thinking that he is in trouble, he goes inside, only to see Mr. Krabs' shell empty and melted ice cream sandwich, which he thinks is blood, all over him.

SpongeBob gets sad but when Squidward hears, he's happy. When he tells them Mr. Krabs had a date, SpongeBob gets the idea to fill the shell with chum so he can still go to the date. He as well as Patrick go to his house after buying chum from Plankton, and fill the shell with the chum as organs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs gets out of the tanning booth, only to realize his shell is gone. He tries to go to his house without being seen to get clothes, but upon reaching there, Pearl and her friends see him naked. At the same time, SpongeBob and Patrick have taught Chum Krabs everything he needs to know for the date. They send him to Mrs. Puff's house to bring her to Fancy!, right before the real Mr. Krabs arrives to do the same thing.

While Mrs. Puff and Chum Krabs are on a date, Mr. Krabs goes to Fancy! so he can have the date. Upon seeing Chum Krabs with his date, he gets angry and tries to stop the imposter. SpongeBob and Patrick throw Mr. Krabs out of Fancy!, only for Squidward to come and tell the two the Mr. Krabs they threw out was the real one. Next, Chum Krabs has a fight with Mr. Krabs after getting out of the restaurant with Mrs. Puff.

After Mr. Krabs wins the fight, he and Mrs. Puff get back together, while SpongeBob and Patrick get taken by the remains of Chum Krabs.


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