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One Trick Sponge

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"One Trick Sponge"
One Trick Sponge main image.png
SpongeBob showing his cards right before his magic trick
Season number: 12
Production code: 247b
First airing: April 11, 2020
Sister episode(s): Swamp Mates
Writer(s): Doug Lawrence
Storyboard director: John Trabbic
Supervising director: Sherm Cohen
Animation director: Andrew Overtoom
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
One Trick Sponge title card.png

“Now watch closely, the hand is quicker than the eye.”

"One Trick Sponge" is the second segment of the sixth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Swamp Mates." In this episode, SpongeBob tries to find someone to show his magic trick to.



SpongeBob gets out of his house, excited as he's finally learned the trick he's been wanting to learn since he was a kid. He first goes to Patrick, but he's not at home. He then goes to Squidward, but he quickly goes inside his house.

He says he hates magic after SpongeBob gets inside, but after seeing him get sad, he tells him to show the trick. But once he does, he goes out and eats his keys, only for SpongeBob to already be outside. He then takes out his eyes and puts them in his body through his nose, preventing him from seeing the trick.

He then goes to Mrs. Puff, who makes the student she's testing drive away from him. However, SpongeBob reaches them, scaring them and causing the boat to crash into a rock. Mrs. Puff puffes into the air with SpongeBob hanging on, but when he attempts to show her the trick, he falls onto Sandy's treedome.

When he tries to show her the trick, it turns out her head is missing as she is observing another dimension. Afterwards, he goes to Mr. Krabs, but after learning the trick doesn't involve money, he refuses to see it. He then goes to Fred's house, but upon learning it doesn't involve his leg, he shuts the door.

SpongeBob gets sad as nobody wants to see his trick, but gets the idea to turn a couple of woods and rocks into an audience. After doing so, he shows the trick, but even after doing so, is still sad as Patrick isn't there to see it. Fortunately, he was there just as he finished, so the two go inside the magic hat to relive the trick again.


  • One Trick Sponge Theme - Title Card
  • One Trick Sponge Theme - SpongeBob showing his trick
  • One Trick Sponge Theme - Ending