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Jolly Lodgers

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"Jolly Lodgers"
Jolly Lodgers main image.png
SpongeBob and Patrick jumping on a grumpy Squidward's bed
Season number: 12
Production code: 253a
First airing: USA March 7, 2020
Sister episode(s): Biddy Sitting
Writer(s): Kaz
Storyboard director: John Trabbic
Supervising director: Adam Paloian
Animation director: Andrew Overtoom
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
Jolly Lodgers title card.png

“Jellyfishing convention?”

"Jolly Lodgers" is the first segment of the twelfth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Biddy Sitting." In the episode, Squidward packs his suitcases as his house becomes infested, but SpongeBob and Patrick await him at the hotel.



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Squidward's house has a fumigation tent put over it due to a sea urchin infestation. After SpongeBob and Patrick mistake it for a circus tent, Squidward explains that he will be staying at a hotel.

At the hotel, Squidward is annoyed by the receptionist. He enjoys his room and takes a bath, which is interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick running through the room. After his bath, he orders room service, which is delivered by SpongeBob and Patrick. He asks them what they are doing at the hotel, and they reveal that the annual Jelly-Con is being held there, with Squidward's room between theirs.

Squidward is annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick at the hotel's spa, gym, and pool. He is unable to escape from them in the hallway, and is eventually brought into the jellyfishing convention.

Squidward wears a jellyfish costume and leaves the room. When the "annual jellyfish mascot hunt" begins, he is chased by the jellyfishers in the hallway. He finds a zapper built into the costume and electrocutes everyone, including SpongeBob, Patrick, and the receptionist. He calls the exterminators and has the hotel fumigated.

The jellyfishers all manage to evacuate, and SpongeBob hopes that Squidward is doing okay after the hotel is gassed. Meanwhile, Squidward is dancing in his hotel room, wearing a gas mask.


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