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Lighthouse Louie

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"Lighthouse Louie"
Lighthouse Louie main image.png
SpongeBob suprised at Louie
Season number: 12
Production code: 261a
First airing: USA January 18, 2021
South Korea February 7, 2020
UK February 12, 2020
France March 7, 2020
Sister episode(s): Hiccup Plague
Writer(s): Luke Brookshier
Storyboard director: John Trabbic
Supervising director: Adam Paloian
Animation director: Alan Smart
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
Lighthouse Louie title card.png

"Lighthouse Louie" is the first segment of the nineteenth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Hiccup Plague." In this episode, SpongeBob finds a troublesome snail while cleaning up the boating school's lighthouse.



SpongeBob is taking another driving test, when he accidentally crashes into the lighthouse, causing all the storage to fly out. SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff he'll compensate for this and does several things for her, but she compromises by telling him to clean up the lighthouse.

SpongeBob cleans up all the stuff and then cleans the lighthouse itself, until eventually having to clean the lantern. However, he starts hearing some meowing and falls the down the stairs in fear after seeing a box fall out after opening the door, and all the stuff he organized falls out again.

In the box is a stray snail, who he names Louie. As he's cleaning, Louie annoys him, so he tries to stop him, but Louie comes back every time. He tries to trap him in a box, but ends up getting tricked by Louie after pulling the contraption and gets trapped himself.

He realizes Louie is gone after getting out of the box, but eventually finds him up on the lantern. Louie shrieks at him and starts attacking him. Their ruckus causes the lighthouse to tip over and start rolling through town, destroying everything in its path. It eventually makes its way back to the boating school, with everything ending up being organized as it lands in its position.

SpongeBob finds out that Louie was trying to protect his babies instead of stopping him from cleaning, and after that, Mrs. Puff arrives and is happy that the lighthouse is completely cleaned. However, she also realizes that the lighthouse destroyed town after a group of citizens complain to her.


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