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Larry the Lobster

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Larry the Lobster
Larry the Lobster.jpg
Scene from "Larry the Floor Manager"
General information
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Eye color: Light yellow eyeballs, black pupils
Species: Lobster
Occupation(s): Lifeguard
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants, Sandy Cheeks
Behind the scenes
First appearance: "Ripped Pants"
Portrayed by: Doug Lawrence
"Larry" redirects here. For information about other characters named Larry, see Larry (disambiguation).

Larry the Lobster is a muscular, red lobster who works as the lifeguard of Goo Lagoon. He first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants" and is voiced by Doug Lawrence. Larry is not a main character, but he often plays a major role in the episodes that he does appear in.

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