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Charles (fancy)

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Charles showing his diamond-studded leash, which he uses as an accessory for Foofie.

Charles is a fancy fish who appears in the episodes "Grooming Gary," "Bumper to Bumper," and "Out of the Picture."


Physical appearance[edit]

He is an olive-tan fish with a light teal dorsal fin and a black mustache. He wears a black and purple top hat, a black tuxedo, and a pink cravat. His appearance depicts him as a rich and fancy fish.


He is a very fancy fish who treats his pet like a dress-up doll, and is very good at making him extremely luxurious for the Bikini Bottom Pet Show. In "Bumper to Bumper," he is shown to have taken an interest in being the actor of an action movie called Goin' Bananas 3. In "Out of the Picture," he is shown to have an interest in art.


  • He has won the Bikini Bottom Pet Show five times in a row.
  • He was able to get the main role for the movie Goin' Bananas 3.

Role in series[edit]

"Grooming Gary"[edit]

He enters Foofie to the Bikini Bottom Pet Show in an attempt to win for the sixth time. SpongeBob watches him as he praises how luxurious his snail is, and compares Foofie to his own snail, Gary. This makes him realize he's been a horrible parent to Gary and live by the standards of snail grooming set by Charles.

Later, SpongeBob asks him about his opinion on Gary. He says the only way to prove a pet's beauty is to win the pet contest, and that he doesn't see his snail winning as his own snail has won five times in a row and most likely will win again.

During the pet riot, Foofie, along with the other snails, attacks Charles, who asks if anyone can speak snail as he's being attack, which SpongeBob overhears and goes up to the podium to tell everyone what the snails are trying to tell.

"Bumper to Bumper"[edit]

He appears as the main actor of Goin' Bananas 3, which two teenage fish are watching before SpongeBob crashes into their house while taking a drivers test.

"Out of the Picture"[edit]

Him, along with several fancy fish, are shown by the Art Appraiser an art masterpiece consisting of a flattened Mr. Krabs and Squidward on a piece of the Krusty Krab's roof.