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Reef Blower

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"Reef Blower"
Reef Blower title card.jpg
Season number: 1
Episode number: 2
Production code: 1b
First airing: May 1, 1999
Sister episode(s): "Help Wanted,"
"Tea at the Treedome"
Writer(s): Stephen Hillenburg
Derek Drymon
Tim Hill
Storyboard: Paul Tibbit (writer)
Jay Lender (artist)
Animator(s): Fred Miller
Tom Yasumi

This article is about the episode. For the object which the episode is about, see Reef blower (object).
SpongeBob, subtitled

"Reef Blower" is the second segment of the first episode of season 1, and it is paired with "Help Wanted" and "Tea at the Treedome." In this episode, SpongeBob attempts to rid his lawn of a shell. "Reef Blower" is notably for being the only completely silent episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, and featuring only four characters: SpongeBob, Squidward, and the two driving fish. With a running time of just under three minutes, it is also the shortest episode of the series.


Squidward walks outside and sees a shell on his lawn. To get rid of it, he kicks it into SpongeBob's yard. SpongeBob takes out his reef blower, blowing the shell and an enormous amount of sand onto Squidward. When he sees the sand on his yard after getting it off Squidward, he sucks it into the reef blower, although the machine malfunctions. SpongeBob fixes the reef blower and then pulls the ripcord, causing it to suck up the entire ocean. It explodes, leaving piles of sand everywhere except in SpongeBob's yard. Squidward, disappointed, watches as the shell lands on his nose.