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Knock Knock, Who's There?

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"Knock Knock, Who's There?"
File:Knock Knock, Who's There? main image.svg
SpongeBob and Patrick with the door
Season number: 19
Production code: 260a
First airing: USA April 23, 2021
Sister episode(s): Pat Hearts Squid
Writer(s): Kaz
Storyboard director: John Trabbic
Supervising director: Dave Cunningham
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Producer: Jennie Monica
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Co-executive producers: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Title card
Knock Knock, Who's There title card.png

“Don't worry, Mr. Krabs. Your house is in good hands with me.”

"Knock Knock, Who's There?" is the first segment of the eighteenth episode of season 12, and it is paired with "Pat Hearts Squid." In this episode, SpongeBob watches Mr. Krabs' house and tries to make sure no one gets in.



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