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Chum Bucket Supreme

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"Chum Bucket Supreme"
Chum Bucket Supreme title card.png
Season number: 6
Production code: 122a
First airing: USA July 19, 2009
Sister episode(s): Single Cell Anniversary
Writer(s): Sean Charmatz
Dani Michaeli
Creative director: Vincent Waller
Storyboard director: Sean Charmatz
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt

“Apparently, dumb sells chum. And I believe I've just found our Advertising Director (Patrick).”

"Chum Bucket Supreme" is the first segment of the twenty-second episode of season 6, and it is paired with "Single Cell Anniversary." In this episode, Plankton recruits Patrick to be the advertising director for the Chum Bucket, as his slogans increase the publicity for his restaurant.



Two fish come to the Chum Bucket, only for them to have came because the Krusty Krab's parking lot was full. He gets mad as the Krusty Krab constantly takes all his business, until Karen gives him the idea to advertise his product. He creates a slogan reading "Chum is Metabolic Fuel," but Patrick has trouble reading it and says the words make his head sad.

Plankton says the sign will attract customers in a few minutes, but that doesn't happen. Patrick switches the words around to "Chum is Fum," which attracts customers. Later, Mr. Krabs realizes many customers are at the Chum Bucket, so he meets secretly with SpongeBob to discuss that Plankton may have stolen the formula, and they need to get it back.

They wait at the line going into the Chum Bucket for two hours while in a disguise before finally getting in. They try to go into the secret room, but Plankton sees through their disguise and feeds them chum. They realize Plankton got his success from the new slogan and leave. Right after, Plankton goes into the secret room to see what new slogans Patrick came up with, but they're all the one they already used.

Plankton realizes people are getting bored with the current slogan, so he has a meeting with Patrick to discuss this problem. They end up changing the slogan to "Fum is Chum," which the customers are satisfied with. The Chum Bucket becomes more and more popular until Patrick resigns. Plankton gets angry and says anyone can sell to his customers and they are morons.

Unfortunately, he said that over the loudspeakers, so some hockey players beat him up. As they are punishing him, they see there's a new sign at the Krusty Krab inspired by Plankton's sign reading "Krabby Patties are Fum."