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Fools in April

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"Fools in April"
Fools in April prank result.jpg
The aftermath of Squidward's prank on SpongeBob.
Season number: 1
Production code: 19a
First airing: April 1, 2000
Sister episode(s): "Neptune's Spatula"
Writer(s): Aaron Springer
Erik Wiese
Merriwether Williams
Storyboard: Aaron Springer (writer)
Erik Wiese (artist)
Animator(s): Fred Miller

“April Fools!”

"Fools in April" is a Season 1 episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is paired with "Neptune's Spatula", and they make up the 19th episode in production order. It is an April Fools special, and it premiered in the United States on the same day, April 1, 2000.

In the episode, SpongeBob constantly annoys Squidward with his pranks to him and others at the Krusty Krab. Out of spite, Squidward decides to pull a mean prank on SpongeBob that both injured and left him upset. This resulted in others not liking Squidward, who then felt he had to apologize to SpongeBob to clear his conscience.



The episode kicks off with SpongeBob eagerly anticipating April Fool's Day, much to Squidward's dismay upon realizing the significance of the date. Squidward, fearing the worst, attempts to avoid work by feigning illness but is lured to the Krusty Krab under false pretenses of being named artist of the month. However, it's revealed to be a prank orchestrated by SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. Squidward threatens to quit over this, but SpongeBob gets him to reconsider.

Although SpongeBob promises to spare Squidward from further pranks, he continues to play harmless tricks on customers, inciting laughter and camaraderie among them. Squidward, despite being exempt from SpongeBob's antics, grows increasingly agitated by the jovial atmosphere. In retaliation, Squidward engineers an elaborate prank involving a mustard-laden rope trap, which inadvertently causes SpongeBob to endure a chaotic and painful ordeal. Disturbed by SpongeBob's genuine hurt, Squidward faces the repercussions of his actions as customers denounce his cruelty and abandon the Krusty Krab.

Consumed by guilt, Squidward attempts to apologize to SpongeBob, only to be met with reluctance and avoidance. His subsequent efforts to make amends are comically futile, culminating in a heartfelt but ineffective apology obscured by a bubble. As Squidward grapples with his conscience, he ultimately confronts his remorse and extends a sincere apology to SpongeBob. To his surprise, SpongeBob reveals that their friends witnessed the apology, turning the tables on Squidward with a collective "April Fools!" Realizing he's been outsmarted, Squidward retreats to his house, leaving SpongeBob and the others amused by his unwitting participation in their prank.


SpongeBob pulled a total of eight pranks:

  • He tricked Gary into thinking they were going to become peasants.
  • He fooled himself into thinking that he would drink many glasses of lemonade.
  • He fooled Squidward into believing that he was artist of the month at the Barnacle Bay Museum.
  • He tricked a person by showing them where the forks are, but pointed to the spoons.
  • He tricked a guy in line into thinking he was two different people.
  • When Tom asked for a couple of ice cubes, SpongeBob gave him only one.
  • He tricked Squidward into thinking he would not tell anyone of his apology.
  • He tricked his tongue into thinking its shoes were untied.



  • In reality Gary would have died from eating the salted shells as salt is toxic to sea snails.
  • This is the first episode to not premiere after a Rugrats episode on Nickelodeon.
    • The episode premiered at 6:30pm after the premiere of the CatDog episode Kooky Prank Day / Back to School.[1]


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