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Me Hoy Minoy


Aww, look at him. ain't he a doll?


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"Frankendoodle" is the second segment of the 14th episode (35th overall) in Season 2 and the 67th segment overall. In it, SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magic Pencil and accidentally bring a drawing of SpongeBob, DoodleBob, to life.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Patrick Star
  • DoodleBob
  • Squidward
  • Squidward Jellyfish Doodle
  • Jellyfish Doodle
  • Gary
  • Artist at sea


  • Sponge monger -Spongebob being chased by DoodleBob.
  • Hide and Seek - Spongebob creates DoodleBob.
  • King Kongs Coming- Title Card
  • King Kong Coming- DoodleBob draws angry eyebrows.


11 minutes.


An artist in a boat is drawing when he proudly comes up with another piece (kissing his beloved pencil afterward). He starts drawing rapidly on his canvas when his pencil slips out of his hand, falling and sinking into the water. He desperately tries finding his pencil to no avail, and after the French Narrator explains the first rule for artists at sea ("always bring a spare pencil"), cries out in anguish.

Under the sea in Bikini Bottom meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick are playing rock-paper-scissors with bubbles when, on their next match, the pencil touches down between them, sending them in a panic. Hiding behind SpongeBob's pineapple, SpongeBob reaches and touches the pencil to confirm that it is a pencil, and so he gets an idea to draw with it. SpongeBob is the first to draw, drawing a jellyfish which Patrick sees rising out of the sand and flying away. It's at this point they realize that the pencil is a magic pencil. SpongeBob then draws a mustache on Patrick's face, but it too flies off, heading into Squidward's house through an open window. Meanwhile, Squidward is sitting at his mirror complimenting his looks and seeking a hairdo when the mustache lands on his head, to his joy.

Patrick then gets a turn with the pencil and draws a crude jellyfish-like drawing of Squidward, which also rises and walks off, shaking his arm. Both of them are rather creeped out by this Squidward, so Patrick proceeds to erase him as he attempts to walk off. SpongeBob then gets an idea to prank Squidward, so he draws a stringed dollar bill on Squidward's door mat, and rings his doorbell. Squidward, having dressed fancily with his new "hairdo" for a walk in the park, answers the door when he sees the bill, and tries to pick it up. SpongeBob then yanks it off the mat, causing Squidward to fall, and the mustache to fly away to Squidward's annoyance. naughty with it so they get to the top and then DoodleBob wants to go bowling and draws a 2D bowling ball and throws it at Patrick and Patrick turns into one big bowling pin and the ball hits him and he falls back down in pin form and SpongeBob asks if Patrick is OK and Patrick replies and says FINLAND!!! and when that scene is over it goes back to DoodleBob and he moves the pencil up and down in his hands and runs away up three hills and the next scene is with SpongeBob and Patrick and they find DoodleBob behind a rock wall and moving the pencil and talking more gibberish and Patrick explains how ugly DoodleBob is starting with those big bulging eyes, that square body, those two buck teeth, and that stupid tie!! and SpongeBob wants him to stop with his insults so he clears his throat and Patrick explains that it looks good on him just not DoodleBob and SpongeBob goes back to watching what DoodleBob is doing and then he sees DoodleBob put the pencil down and SpongeBob explains how this is their big chance and gives a plan of how they are going to get the pencil and Patrick takes it the wrong way and thinks it is DoodleBobs birthday and he was too loud so DoodleBob crashes through the rock wall and picks SpongeBob up and SpongeBob is terrified and wants Patrick to do something but he says Happy Birthday and DoodleBob throws SpongeBob on the left side of him and a crash is heard and Patrick and they both go home unfortunately DoodleBob's arm still remained and scoots away and the scene cuts to Spongebob telling the adventure he had with DoodleBob and how exciting it was but then admitting that he misses DoodleBob but is glad that things are back to normal the way it should be and he says goodnight to Gary and the Magic Pencil and goes to sleep and starts snoring two hours later DoodleBob's arm is at Spongebob's house opens the door and goes up three flights of stairs goes to the bathroom and then goes into Spongebob's room and tiptoes with his fingers holds up his arm and grabs the pencil and starts to re draw himself Spongebob wakes up because the pencil is moving and makes a joke that the pencil is up drawing itself a glass of water and laughs and then DoodleBob is fully redrawn and pops up from Spongebob's bed and Spongebob is confused and scared and says it was all just a misunderstanding but DoodleBob does not think so he draws two slanted eyebrows and jumps on Spongebob's bed and does not know what he is doing and DoodleBob stops what he was going to do and says his first english words ''You Doodle Me Spongebob!!'' and tries to erase Spongebob but Spongebob jumps up before DoodleBob could get him but he got his pillow instead and then Spongebob starts to run sideways and DoodleBob erases Spongebob's trail of running and then Spongebob runs down the stairs as fast as he can and slams his living room door and leans on it to keep it shut and then DoodleBob comes running down the stairs and saw Spongebob going into his living room so he knows were Spongebob is so he erases the door and also Spongebob's pants revealing his butt and DoodleBob says "huh" the only thing he does say in english. Then Spongebob says ''Be careful with that thing who knows what will happen'' and DoodleBob erases Spongebob's nose and a weird way he says ''I nose'' and DoodleBob erases one side of Spongebob's body and laughs evilly and Spongebob says ''Very funny Doodle now it's my turn'' and DoodleBob, and Spongebob play Tug of War with the pencil until it breaks into two pieces DoodleBob gets thass and Squidward not seen says ''Ow Spongebob you'r going to have to pay for that'' and now Spongebob thinks about it maybe it was most clumsy and DoodleBob points his pencil point at Spongebob and Spongebob screams and gets backed into a corner and papers fly on the ground and DoodleBob is about to get Spongebob but his foot gets stuck on a piece of paper.


*There is a different episode Doodle Dimension.

*'Goodnight sweet prince'' is reused in I Heart Dancing.

*Even though DoodleBob speaks gibberish at one point he is saying in english ''You Doodle Me Spongebob!''.

*When the pencil went back to the surface it's very unlikely that Spongebob had it in Doodle Dimension.

*Frankendoodle, and Wormy are the two best Halloween episodes in season 2.

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*Since the pencil is made of wood it should float not sink to the bottom of the sea.

*When the pencil comes down and hits the sand the Bubble Wands and Bubble Fluid are gone.

*When Spongebob rings Squidward's doorbell he has a doorbell but when DoodleBob knocks its gone.

*When Spongebob and Patrick watch what DoodleBob is doing Spongebob's belt flickers on and off.

*When DoodleBob throws the bowling ball his house you can see in it.

*Spongebob and Patrick glitch in one frame.

*When DoodleBob's arm goes into the house it has three fingers but when it goes into Spongebob's room it has four.

*When DoodleBob erases the door its gone but when DoodleBob is walking the door is back.

*Both pencil ends fit perfectly even though the sharpened end was taped.

*Every time the camera goes to Spongebob the pictures on the wall change.

*The paper on DoodleBob's foot is gone when he is in the book.