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Hans is a character who has the appearance of a white-skin hand followed by an arm covered by a sleeve of a naval jacket. It is capable of speaking, although no other party of its body is ever shown. Hans first appears in the episode "Suds" and has occasionally appeared in later episodes. The character is used for comedic relief, and has usually made only minor or brief appearances as a gag.


Television show[edit]

In "Suds", when SpongeBob is at the Bikini Bottom Hospital, the doctor calls on Hans to give SpongeBob a special treatment to cure him of the suds. The treatment shows SpongeBob being used as a sponge in various live action scenes. SpongeBob really enjoys it, and he is immediately cured of the suds. Hans gives SpongeBob a giant lollipop as a reward. Patrick gets jealous, so he lies about being sick. The episode ends with Hans pulling in Patrick, who has a painful treatment unlike SpongeBob, as Hans rubs Patrick against an indoor cactus plant and then uses him to scrub a toilet bowl.

Video games[edit]

In console versions of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, if the player's character goes out of bounds or fails a timed challenge, Hans catches them and places them back at the nearest spawn point.

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