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Krabs vs. Plankton

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"Krabs vs. Plankton"
Krabs vs. Plankton main image.png
SpongeBob defending Mr. Krabs at the stand
Season number: 4
Production code: 62b
First airing: USA May 13, 2005
Sister episode(s): The Lost Mattress
Writer(s): Tim Hill
Mike Mitchell
Vincent Waller
Storyboard director: Vincent Waller
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Technical director: Vincent Waller
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt

“Yeah, if that were me who slipped, I'd sue old man Krabs for all he's got.”
Incidental 41

"Krabs vs. Plankton" is the second segment of the second episode of season 4, and it is paired with "The Lost Mattress." In this episode, Plankton pretends to be injured after slipping on a puddle at the Krusty Krab, and sues Mr. Krabs for it.



Plankton wakes up and goes to the Krusty Krab to steal a Krabby Patty, only to slip on a puddle of water SpongeBob was mopping. Mr. Krabs mocks Plankton for another failed attempt to steal his patty. Two customers say there should be a wet floor sign and would sue Krabs if he was Plankton, so he pretends to be injured.

He tells Krabs he'll send the case to court unless he gives him the formula. Soon after, Mr. Krabs says he needs a lawyer as he doesn't want to give up the formula. Quickly afterward a lawyer named Richard A. Bottomfeeder comes and becomes his lawyer for the case for free unless they win. Later, SpongeBob wants to share his testimony, but Mr. Krabs doesn't need it.

Richard slips on a puddle and can't move, so he makes SpongeBob handle Krabs' case and gives him his briefcase. At court, he arrives in a suit and tells Mr. Krabs what happened. However, Richard hadn't given SpongeBob the combination to open the briefcase, so he tries to open it, but all his attempts fail. At the same time, Plankton tells a fake story about what happened that lead to his injury.

Mr. Krabs is on the stand and is asked by Plankton if he owns a wet floor sign, only to answer with no as he's cheap. SpongeBob then tests Mr. Krabs' cheapness by blending some money, only for him to try to save it. Later, SpongeBob questions Squidward and the mop, but none go in favor of Mr. Krabs.

SpongeBob once again tries to open the case, and ends up opening it after hitting it, revealing a Krabby Patty. He calls Plankton to the stand and asks if he came to the Krusty Krab to obtain the patty, and holds it right up to him. He can't take it anymore and goes for the patty, until Mr. Krabs takes it before he reaches it. The jury declares Mr. Krabs not guilty, and SpongeBob gives him a free, homemade wet floor sign.


  • SpongeBob sings the first few lines of the SpongeBob theme, meaning that he knows his own credits song.