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One Krabs Trash

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"One Krabs Trash"
One Krabs Trash title card.png
Season number: 3
Production code: 46b
First airing: February 22, 2002
Sister episode(s): Snowball Effect
Writer(s): Paul Tibbitt
Kent Osborne
Mark O'Hare
Creative director: Derek Drymon
Storyboard: Carson Kugler
William Reiss
Mike Roth
Storyboard director: Paul Tibbitt
Animation director: Tom Yasumi

“I'll give you a million dollars for that hat!”

"One Krabs Trash" is the second segment of the sixth episode of season 3, and it is paired with "Snowball Effect." In this episode, Mr. Krabs tries to retrieve a hat he sold to SpongeBob after some business offer him large sums of money for it.



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Mr. Krabs starts a yard sale and tricks a man into buying one of his items by saying it is an antique. SpongeBob and Patrick come and he tricks them into buying a soda drinking hat and a plunger respectively. When they leave, some business people come by and find out Mr. Krabs has been selling the soda drinking hat, unaware that it was already sold. After each of them offers a large sum of money to him for the hat, Mr. Krabs runs to SpongeBob to get the hat back.

He first tells him he looks like a girl with the hat, but he thinks it was a compliment. He then tries to offer him other hats in exchange for the soda drinking hat, but he declines the offer. At night, he draws a ghost on a paper and uses a fishing net to tell SpongeBob that he must give back the hat to the owner, named Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen.

SpongeBob quickly goes to his grave and gives back the hat to the owner, who turns out to be real. Mr. Krabs gets startled when he finds out SpongeBob had actually sent the hat back to its owner and goes to the cemetery to retrieve it. He goes looking for the grave until finally finding Smitty's grave

He digs it out and takes the hat out, only for Smitty to rise up and tell him to give the hat back. When he refuses, he gets the army of the living dead to attack him. Fortunately, he successfully defeats all the skeletons and runs back to the business people to get his money. Unfortunately, they had found out there was a whole warehouse of those hats. They see SpongeBob wearing a hat with clapping hands and chase after him to buy the hat from him.