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Pick-a-Path: SpongeBob SquarePants

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Pick-a-Path: SpongeBob SquarePants
Pick-a-Path SpongeBob SquarePants title screen.png
Title screen
Publisher(s): Nickelodeon
Release date(s): 2020
Genre(s): Puzzle
Modes: Single player
Media: Online

Pick-a-Path: SpongeBob SquarePants is an online game published by Nickelodeon.


In this game, the player must make decisions as SpongeBob, mostly related to the Krusty Krab. As the Employee of the Month award is granted by the customers this month, SpongeBob must satisfy the customers while earning money from Mr. Krabs at the same time. Moral options tend to lose money and increase customer satisfaction, while immoral options usually reward money but decrease customer satisfaction.

The player is presented with two panels of different locations. Choosing a panel often results in a task, which determines how much money and moral points SpongeBob gets depending on his choices. After enough decisions have been made, the player is given a final score.



Choice tasks impact both SpongeBob's money and moral value.

  • "Uh-oh, SpongeBob has spread an itchy fungus around the Krusty Krab!":
    • Blame Squidward: +3 money, -1 moral
      • "Great! Squidward will pay for this!"
    • Own up: 0 money, +1 moral
      • "You'll pay for this, SpongeBob!"
  • "Hmm, I'm pretty sure this customer is Plankton in disguise...":
    • Serve him anyway: -3 money, +1 moral
      • "Don't give away our secret formula!"
    • Tell him to get out: +4 money, -1 moral
      • "Well spotted SpongeBob!"
  • "Mr Krabs has poisoned the health inspector!":
    • Help hide the evidence: +5 money, -1 moral
      • "Thanks SpongeBob. It was his fault for eating poisoned patties anyway"
    • Report Mr Krabs: -3 money, +1 moral
      • "Traitor! I'm docking your wages"
  • "You are working the nightshift and burn the patties!":
    • Serve them anyways: +4 money, -1 moral
      • "Good! Never waste a Krabby Patty"
    • Bin them: -2 money, +1 moral
      • "What?! You wasted some perfectly burnt food!"
  • "Plankton offers you $$$ for the secret formula":
    • Take the money: -6 money, -1 moral
      • "Never give away my secret formula!"
    • Refuse the money: +4 money, +1 moral
      • "Excellent! The secret formula is safe"
  • "Patrick has started working at the Krusty Krab!":
    • Train him up: +6 money, +1 moral
      • "Well done SpongeBob, he's making me money!"
    • Let him figure it out: 0 money, 0 moral (no changes)
      • "SpongeBob! He's burnt everything!"
  • "What does SpongeBob need to cook Krabby Patties?"


Every tool task results in +2 money if answered correctly and +0 money if answered incorrectly. The player is given five items to choose from and must select the right one for the task.

  • "What does SpongeBob need to cook Krabby Patties?"
    • Answer: Spatula
  • "What would make Mr Krabs happy?"
    • Answer: Money
  • "Select a side dish to go with a Krabby Patty"
    • Answer: Coral Bits
  • "Choose something to distract Squidward"
    • Answer: Clarinet
  • "What can SpongeBob use to collect jelly for Mr Krabs' Jelly Patty?"
    • Answer: Net


In chore tasks, the player is given six objects and must choose the three correct options. These give +3 money when answered correctly.

  • "Chore task! Drag the items to give SpongeBob what he needs for work"
    • Answer: Spatula, Krusty Krab hat, pan
  • "Chore task! Drag the best customers onto SpongeBob"
    • Answer: Three fish customers (the others are images of Plankton)


The message displayed on the results screen depends on the value of SpongeBob's moral points.

  • -3 and below: "Oh wow! You made a lot of money but you had to make some evil choices to do that. Remember, a good employee has to be nice. Why not play again and see if you can make be a nicer person this time!"
  • -2 to 0: "Well, you made some money, but you didn't really do the right thing. A good employee must be nice too. Try again and see if you can make some more of the right choices."
  • 1 to 2: "Well done, Employee of the Month! You were mostly helpful, but remember, it's not all about the money, it's about being a nice person too! Try again and see if you can be super nice this time!"
  • 3 and above: "Congratulations, Employee of the Month! You may not have collected the most money, but you made the customers happy and did the right thing at every step along the way - a perfect score!"


  • Busybody: "Congratulations, you've played with all characters!"
  • Sleepyhead: "You've done nothing for 1 whole minute. Take a medal."
  • Double Done: "You've completed the game twice! Nice!"
  • First Steps: "You've made your first decision! Keep going!"
  • Tough Choices: "You've made 50 decisions, medal up!"
  • Red Herring: "Oh you found it, there's a medal for that."
  • On The Right Path: "You went right 5 times in a row, so you're left with a medal."
  • 2nd Time Unlucky: "You played again and got a lower score? Have this shiny medal."


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