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Season 1 (The Patrick Star Show)

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This page lists all the season 1 episodes of the SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off, The Patrick Star Show.

List of episodes[edit]

Title card # Title Premiere date
Late for Breakfast title card.png
"Late for Breakfast" July 9, 2021
Patrick presents a show about food after missing out on a hearty breakfast.
Bummer Jobs title card.png
"Bummer Jobs" July 9, 2021
Patrick and SpongeBob experience the wonders of the workforce.
Stair Wars title card.png
"Stair Wars" July 23, 2021
Patrick and GrandPat try to pass each other on the stairs, leading to a ludicrous conflict.
Enemies à la Mode title card.png
"Enemies à la Mode" July 23, 2021
The members of the Star family each confront their own absurd rivalries.
Lost in Couch title card.png
"Lost in Couch" July 16, 2021
Patrick loses the remote in the cushions, so he journeys into the couch to track it down.
Pat-a-thon title card.png
"Pat-a-thon" July 16, 2021
Patrick hosts a telethon to raise money for snails who can’t dance.
The Yard Sale title card.png
"The Yard Sale" November 19, 2021
GrandPat prevents his precious memories from being sold at a family yard sale.
Squidina's Little Helper title card.png
"Squidina's Little Helper" August 6, 2021
Squidina hires an assistant who’s a little too good at his job.
I Smell a Pat title card.png
"I Smell a Pat" August 13, 2021
The Patrick Star Show is interrupted by a most peculiar stench.
Gas Station Vacation title card.png
"Gas Station Vacation" October 29, 2021
The Star Family heads to their favorite resort.
Bunny the Barbarian title card.png
"Bunny the Barbarian" November 5, 2021
Bunny goes on a mid-day adventure to a forgotten age.
The Haunting of Star House title card.png
"The Haunting of Star House" July 30, 2021
Patrick hires cheap ghosts to haunt his house, but he ends up getting just what he paid for.
Who's a Big Boy? title card.png
"Who's a Big Boy?" March 4, 2022
Patrick hits an unnatural growth spurt in his late adolescence.
Terror at 20,000 Leagues title card.png
"Terror at 20,000 Leagues" October 22, 2021
The Patrick Show presents a Halloween TV special.
To Dad and Back title card.png
"To Dad and Back" March 18, 2022
Patrick ventures inside Cecil Star to learn how the body works.
Survivoring title card.png
"Survivoring" March 25, 2022
Cecil takes his kids camping, but Squidina wants the drama of reality TV.
Just In Time for Christmas title card.png
"Just In Time for Christmas" December 3, 2021
Patrick travels through time to find last minute Christmas gifts for his family.
Klopnodian Heritage Festival title card.png
"Klopnodian Heritage Festival" March 11, 2022
The Star Family learns the cultural traditions of the old country.
X Marks the Pot title card.png
"X Marks the Pot" April 1, 2022
A classic villain returns to his former lair, only to find the Star Family inhabiting it.
Patrick's Alley title card.png
"Patrick's Alley" April 8, 2022
The Patrick Show rebrands for a younger audience.
Pearl Wants to Be a Star title card.png
"Pearl Wants to Be a Star" April 15, 2022
Pearl stars in a guest appearance on The Patrick Show.
Super Sitters title card.png
"Super Sitters" April 10, 2023
Patrick and SpongeBob go back in time to watch Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy when they were new.
Nitwit Neighborhood News title card.png
"Nitwit Neighborhood News" July 22, 2022
Patrick and Squidina report the news around Bikini Bottom.
Mid-Season Finale title card.png
"Mid-Season Finale" July 22, 2022
The Patrick Show presents the epic conclusion to the first half of its first season.
Shrinking Stars title card.png
"Shrinking Stars" January 13, 2023
The Star family finds themselves getting smaller and smaller.
FitzPatrick title card.png
"FitzPatrick" April 11, 2023
Patrick's evil twin cousin shows up to ruin Patrick's reputation.
Uncredible Journey title card.png
"Uncredible Journey" February 10, 2023
Tinkle, Ouchie, and Pinkeye must venture back home together after being taken away by mistake.
Host-a-Palooza title card.png
"Host-a-Palooza" February 17, 2023
Patrick gets injured, so his family members take turns hosting the show.
Backpay Payback title card.png
"Backpay Payback" February 24, 2023
Granny Tentacles helps Squidward collect his paper delivery money from Cecil.
House Hunting title card.png
"House Hunting" March 3, 2023
The Star family house runs away from home.
The Drooling Fool title card.png
"The Drooling Fool" April 12, 2023
Patrick's uncontrollable drooling gets out of hand and mouth.
Patrick's Got a Zoo Loose title card.png
"Patrick's Got a Zoo Loose" April 13, 2023
A shape-shifting alien runs loose in the Star home.
The Patterfly Effect title card.png
"The Patterfly Effect" April 17, 2023
Patrick messes with the space-time continuum.
A Space Affair To Remember title card.png
"A Space Affair To Remember" April 18, 2023
While Cecil and Bunny celebrate their anniversary in outer space, Patrick and Squidina throw a house party.
Home ECCH! title card.png
"Home ECCH!" April 19, 2023
Squidina hosts a television show to pass a home economics class.
Fun & Done! title card.png
"Fun & Done!" April 20, 2023
Patrick and SpongeBob try to unlock a dull child's imagination.
The Lil' Patscals title card.png
"The Lil' Patscals" April 24, 2023
Patrick learns what GrandPat’s childhood was like.
The Prehistoric Patrick Star Show title card.png
"The Prehistoric Patrick Star Show" April 25, 2023
In a pre-historic era, Cave Pat hosts a show with his family.
The Patrick Show Sells Out title card.png
"The Patrick Show Sells Out" April 26, 2023
The Patrick Show gets competing sponsors.
Neptune's Ball title card.png
"Neptune's Ball" April 27, 2023
The star family visits King Neptune’s palace.
Dad's Stache Stash title card.png
"Dad's Stache Stash" May 1, 2023
Cecil shows Patrick his mustache collection.
A Root Galoot title card.png
"A Root Galoot" May 2, 2023
The Star family brings a mandrake root into their home.
The Starry Awards title card.png
"The Starry Awards" May 3, 2023
Patrick hosts an award ceremony.
Blorpsgiving title card.png
"Blorpsgiving" May 4, 2023
Captain Doug Quasar meets Pat-Tron’s robot family.
Stuntin' title card.png
"Stuntin'" July 3, 2023
Patrick gets a stunt double.
Olly Olly Organ Free title card.png
"Olly Olly Organ Free" July 4, 2023
In a notion of protest, Patrick's organs leave his body.
Which Witch is Which? title card.png
"Which Witch is Which?" July 5, 2023
Bunny’s mother makes a visit from the old country.
Get Off My Lawnie title card.png
"Get Off My Lawnie" July 6, 2023
Granny Tentacles gets her own spin-off show.
Bubble Bass Reviews title card.png
"Bubble Bass Reviews" July 24, 2023
Bubble Bass reviews and critiques The Patrick Show!
Patrick's Prison Pals title card.png
"Patrick's Prison Pals" July 25, 2023
Bunny brings Patrick to prison for “Bring Your Kid To Work Day”.