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Season 8

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List of episodes[edit]

Title card # Title Premiere date
Accidents Will Happen title card.png
"Accidents Will Happen" July 18, 2011
Squidward gets injured on the job, so SpongeBob tries to figure out how it happened.
The Other Patty title card.png
"The Other Patty" June 25, 2011
When a new restaurant opens near the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together to steal its secret recipe.
Drive Thru title card.png
"Drive Thru" July 19, 2011
Mr. Krabs turns a hole in the wall into a brand-new drive-thru.
The Hot Shot title card.png
"The Hot Shot" June 18, 2011
SpongeBob is tutored by the son of a legendary race-car driver.
A Friendly Game title card.png
"A Friendly Game" March 26, 2011
SpongeBob and Patrick play golf in SpongeBob's house.
Sentimental Sponge title card.png
"Sentimental Sponge" April 2, 2011
After Patrick tells him about sentimental value, SpongeBob becomes a hoarder.
Frozen Face-Off title card.png
"Frozen Face-Off" July 15, 2011
The people of Bikini Bottom participate in a race across a frozen tundra.
Squidward's School for Grown-Ups title card.png
"Squidward's School for Grown-Ups" June 4, 2011
Squidward teaches Patrick how to be mature.
Oral Report title card.png
"Oral Report" March 26, 2011
SpongeBob tries to overcome his nervousness of giving an oral report.
Sweet and Sour Squid title card.png
"Sweet and Sour Squid" July 20, 2011
Plankton attempts to get the secret formula from Squidward.
The Googly Artiste title card.png
"The Googly Artiste" July 21, 2011
Patrick becomes a famous artist.
A SquarePants Family Vacation title card.png
"A SquarePants Family Vacation" November 11, 2011
The SquarePants family, and Patrick, go on a disastrous road trip.
Patrick's Staycation title card.png
"Patrick's Staycation" November 8, 2011
Patrick goes on a vacation at home, with the help of SpongeBob.
Walking the Plankton title card.png
"Walking the Plankton" November 7, 2011
Plankton follows SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs on a cruise.
Mooncation title card.png
"Mooncation" November 10, 2011
SpongeBob and Sandy take a trip to the moon.
Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation title card.png
"Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation" November 9, 2011
Mr. Krabs takes SpongeBob on a vacation to the Bikini Bottom Mint.
Ghoul Fools title card.png
"Ghoul Fools" October 21, 2011
SpongeBob and Patrick find ghost pirates in a haunted houseboat.
Mermaid Man Begins title card.png
"Mermaid Man Begins" September 23, 2011
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy tell their origin stories to SpongeBob and Patrick.
Plankton's Good Eye title card.png
"Plankton's Good Eye" September 23, 2011
Plankton turns nice after getting a second eye from SpongeBob's DNA.
Barnacle Face title card.png
"Barnacle Face" September 16, 2011
SpongeBob tries to get rid of Pearl's barnacle condition.
Pet Sitter Pat title card.png
"Pet Sitter Pat" September 16, 2011
Patrick watches over Gary while SpongeBob is away.
House Sittin' for Sandy title card.png
"House Sittin' for Sandy" September 30, 2011
SpongeBob house sits Sandy's treedome.
Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom title card.png
"Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom" September 30, 2011
SpongeBob and Squidward go to a Kelpy G concert.
Bubble Troubles title card.png
"Bubble Troubles" November 25, 2011
SpongeBob and Patrick try to get oxygen for Sandy.
The Way of the Sponge title card.png
"The Way of the Sponge" November 25, 2011
SpongeBob tries to earn a belt from a karate master.
The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom title card.png
"The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom" November 25, 2011
A giant Krabby Patty runs wild in Bikini Bottom.
Bubble Buddy Returns title card.png
"Bubble Buddy Returns" November 25, 2011
SpongeBob takes care of Bubble Buddy's son while he is out of town.
Restraining SpongeBob title card.png
"Restraining SpongeBob" April 2, 2012
Squidward gets a restraining order against SpongeBob.
Fiasco! title card.png
"Fiasco!" April 5, 2012
A piece of art is made in the Krusty Krab, and Plankton mistakenly steals it.
Are You Happy Now? title card.png
"Are You Happy Now?" March 31, 2012
SpongeBob tries to cheer Squidward up by giving him a happiest memory.
Planet of the Jellyfish title card.png
"Planet of the Jellyfish" March 31, 2012
An evil jellyfish clones all of the Bikini Bottomites, so SpongeBob and Sandy have to stop it.
Free Samples title card.png
"Free Samples" April 6, 2012
Mr. Krabs tries to get his patrons back after Plankton ruins his reputation.
Home Sweet Rubble title card.png
"Home Sweet Rubble" April 4, 2012
SpongeBob's friends try to fix his rotting pineapple.
Karen 2.0 title card.png
"Karen 2.0" April 13, 2012
Plankton replaces Karen with an upgraded version of her.
InSPONGEiac title card.png
"InSPONGEiac" April 9, 2012
SpongeBob tries to get to sleep, consulting Patrick for help.
Face Freeze! title card.png
"Face Freeze!" July 21, 2012
SpongeBob and Patrick's faces get frozen in place when they make too many expressions.
Glove World R.I.P. title card.png
"Glove World R.I.P." April 3, 2012
After finding out Glove World is going to be shut down, SpongeBob and Patrick spend one last day there.
Squiditis title card.png
"Squiditis" April 11, 2012
SpongeBob worries that he has caught Squidward's fake illness.
Demolition Doofus title card.png
"Demolition Doofus" July 21, 2012
SpongeBob is entered into a demolition derby by Mrs. Puff.
Treats! title card.png
"Treats!" April 10, 2012
SpongeBob feeds Gary a new brand of snail treats, but when he runs out, Gary convinces him to search for any remaining boxes.
For Here or to Go title card.png
"For Here or to Go" April 12, 2012
Plankton wins a contest for a free Krabby Patty, so Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob try to delay giving it to him.
It's a SpongeBob Christmas! title card.png
"It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" December 6, 2012
Plankton uses jerktonium fruitcakes to make everyone in Bikini Bottom naughty.
Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! title card.png
"Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!" October 14, 2012
Plankton and Man Ray team up to get the secret formula.
Chum Fricassee title card.png
"Chum Fricassee" October 21, 2012
Squidward goes to work in the Chum Bucket, where his chum fricassee makes the place famous.
The Good Krabby Name title card.png
"The Good Krabby Name" September 3, 2012
SpongeBob and Patrick help promote the Krusty Krab.
Move It or Lose It title card.png
"Move It or Lose It" October 21, 2012
A city ordinance declares the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket too close together, and one restaurant will have to be bulldozed.
Hello Bikini Bottom! title card.png
"Hello Bikini Bottom!" October 8, 2012
Squidward and SpongeBob go on a musical tour, with Mr. Krabs as manager and Patrick as a roadie.