The SpongeBob Wiki has a guideline regarding the use of image galleries — collections of episode screenshots are no longer allowed on galleries due to potential fair use violations.

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Please see SpongeBob Wiki:Warning policy and SpongeBob Wiki:Courtesy for a comprehensive overview of behaviours that are in violation of the general rules and policies of the SpongeBob Wiki. For the basic rules pertaining to editing, see SpongeBob Wiki:Manual of Style, and for more specific regulations, please visit the appropriate Help and Policy pages, which are listed below.

A lot of these pages, including this one, were originally written by the Super Mario Wiki.

List of pages[edit]

This is a complete list of all writing guideline, SpongeBob Wiki policy and help pages (not including some of the pages already mentioned in the body text of this page). The pages are organized by subject. The first two sections contain pages that merely contain background information about the wiki and its users, and the third section provides most of the coding help pages. Beyond that, most of the pages contain rules, standards or guidelines that must be adhered to; any pages that don't are denoted with "help".

Help:Contents contains a smaller directory of the essential help and policy pages, while SpongeBob Wiki:FAQ is a good source of general information and advice. Please keep in mind that these policy pages cannot possibly cover every last thing that should and shouldn't be done, and it is up to you to use common sense around the wiki.

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