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The SpongeBob SquarePants franchise is very active, so there are constantly new and upcoming releases, especially of television episodes. For many years, upcoming releases have been infamous for being long-time sources of misinformation on the internet, so the SpongeBob Wiki has developed policies for handling such content.


A leak is when upcoming content is unofficially revealed to the public by a person or a third-party. Adding such material to the SpongeBob Wiki is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as this could possibly even be illegal. You may add in the content once it has been officially revealed, which is usually done by Nickelodeon. This policy does not apply to information on video game prototypes, such as all of the leaked builds of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge.


Whenever you add information about upcoming content, you must cite your sources, especially if the information is from secondary sources. Reverting unreferenced edits allows us to weed out false information and puts the onus on the referenced sources if their information turns out to be incorrect, although it is still up to us to stay diligent and promptly remove any misinformation. Once the episode is released, the extra references may be removed. An exception to this rule is release dates, as they are a frequent source of misinformation, as well as any information originating from secondary sources.