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Squidward's house

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Squidward's house in "Scavenger Pants."

Squidward's house is a blue moai statue and the home of Squidward Tentacles. It is located between Patrick's house and SpongeBob's house.


Squidward's living room


The exterior of Squidward's house resembles the head of a moai, a type of statue found on Easter Island. It has two windows and a wooden door with planks of wood leading to it. A square window is located on the back of the house. In episodes such as "Bunny Hunt" and "Mermaid Pants," a flower or vegetable garden is located behind Squidward's house, with a wooden shed containing gardening supplies.

Living room[edit]

The first floor of Squidward's house contains a living room with green wallpaper and a pink tiled floor. There is a bamboo chair, couch, and coffee table, and a kitchen in the back of the room. A blue dining table and chairs, with a clam-shaped chandelier above them, is located near the kitchen. Near the room's entrance is a brown bookshelf.


Squidward's bathroom's location is inconsistent, sometimes appearing on the first floor and other times on the second. It has pink-purple wallpaper and a blue floor. There is a blue toilet, and a bathtub and shower with pink curtains. The sink is shaped like a clam and has a medicine cabinet above it.


The bedroom of Squidward's house is located on the second floor. The room has blue wallpaper and a green floor. It contains Squidward's canopy bed that Squidward sleeps, which has two tables next to it. A tall mirror is present in this room.

Art studio[edit]

Squidward's art studio has many of his paintings, self portraits, statues, and other works of art. It has red wallpaper and a white floor. The studio connects to Squidward's bedroom, and has two windows.