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Don't Wake Patrick

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"Don't Wake Patrick"
Don't Wake Patrick main image.png
SpongeBob trying to use his Fog Horn alarm on Patrick
Season number: 10
Episode number: 215
Production code: 215b
First airing: USA October 7, 2017
Sister episode(s): Feral Friends
Writer(s): Brian Morante
Mr. Lawrence
Storyboard: Brian Morante
Supervising director: Adam Paloian
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Producer: Jennie Monica
Supervising producer: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg

“Wake up, Patrick!”

"Don't Wake Patrick" is the second segment of the episode of season 10, and it is paired with "Feral Friends." In this episode, SpongeBob tries to wake Patrick up from his sleepwalking.



SpongeBob wakes up and goes downstairs for a glass of water, only to realize that his fridge was left open and his house is a mess and he does not remember doing anything messy or disorganized be for bed. He finds out that this was caused by Patrick, who is sleepwalking and Patrick not waking up at all.

Spongebob tries to wake him up by banging a spoon on a pot, using his Fog Horn alarm, a blow horn, pulling Patrick's eyelids, and telling him to wake up but he continues sleepwalking and walks out of the house. He sleepwalks across a busy road and into someone's house, where SpongeBob tries to prevent him from making any noise, but ends up getting noticed himself by the sleeping man and gets kicked out.

Patrick sleepwalks to the Chum Bucket, but SpongeBob prevents him from accidentally eating the chum in the pot. Patrick tickles SpongeBob's head in his sleep, making him laugh uncontrollably, only for Spongebob to end up eating the chum himself. Patrick then sleepwalks into a dance studio and sleep-dances there, and after that, Patrick sleepwalks onto a ride at Glove World!, all while SpongeBob is following him.

They end up back at Patrick's house, where he wakes up after stubbing his toe on a rock. At the same time, SpongeBob starts falling asleep, then sleepwalking and crashes into several boats.


  • Cream Pie - Title Card


  • This is the last episode of Season 10.
  • This Episode is shorter than a normal Spongebob episode.
  • Spongebob barley talks in this episode he just makes noises, and laughed once