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Feral Friends

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"Feral Friends"
Feral Friends main image.png
Sandy looking at the wild animals
Season number: 10
Production code: 215a
First airing: USA October 7, 2017
Sister episode(s): Don't Wake Patrick
Writer(s): Doug Lawrence
Storyboard: Brian Morante
Supervising director: Dave Cunningham
Animation director: Alan Smart
Producer: Jennie Monica
Supervising producer: Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg

“It is called Neptune's Moon. Every 100 years, it de-evolves everyone in Bikini Bottom into primal fish for two hours.”
French Narrator

"Feral Friends" is the first segment of the eleventh episode of season 10, and it is paired with "Don't Wake Patrick." In this episode, Sandy tries to save her friends after a weird moon turns everyone into wild animals.



  • Peg Leg Waltz - Title Card