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Idiot Box

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This article is about the season 3 episode. For the object, see TV box.
"Idiot Box"
Idiot Box main image.png
SpongeBob demonstrating "imagination" to Squidward
Season number: 3
Production code: 44b
First airing: March 1, 2002
Sister episode(s): Nasty Patty
Writer(s): Paul Tibbitt
Kent Osborne
Merriwether Williams
Creative director: Derek Drymon
Storyboard: Carson Kugler
William Reiss
Mike Roth
Storyboard director: Paul Tibbitt
Kent Osborne
Animation director: Andrew Overtoom

“With "imagination," I can be anything I want!”

"Idiot Box" is the second segment of the fourth episode of season 3, and it is paired with "Nasty Patty." In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick use their imaginations while inside a box, annoying Squidward.



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Squidward comes outside his house to see a TV getting delivered to SpongeBob and Patrick in a box. He is shocked that they ordered such a large TV, only for them to use the box rather than the TV. He asks the two why they are playing in the box instead of using the TV, and they say that with imagination, they can do anything they want to do. Squidward takes the TV, while SpongeBob and Patrick play Mountain Climbing Adventure in the box.

When Squidward gets annoyed by the two playing, he kicks the box, only to cause an avalanche inside. He opens the box to see if the two are alright, only for them to have just been imagining themselves mountain climbing. Squidward goes back to his house and tries to find a box, but he can't find one big enough. After kicking the box, he hears the police and thinks he got in trouble for kicking the box, but it turns out to just be coming from SpongeBob and Patrick in their box.

Angry, Squidward kicks the box away and SpongeBob and Patrick take it. He watches TV to get his mind off of boxes, only for all the channels to be about boxes. He thinks the two are using a tape recorder to make all the noises, so he goes inside to find out. When he finds out they don't, he goes inside the box and starts playing with them to see how they play. However, the sounds that come from the box don't occur, so he goes back to his house.

At night, when the two get out of the box and go to bed, Squidward goes inside the box to find the button but he doesn't find it. When he starts pretending to drive a race boat, a garbage truck picks up the box and dumps it off into The Dump, making Squidward think he's actually driving a boat. The next morning, SpongeBob and Patrick find out that their box is gone and then go see Squidward, unaware that he is gone.