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Sand Castles in the Sand

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"Sand Castles in the Sand"
Season number: 6
Production code: 121a
First airing: USA March 16, 2009
Sister episode(s): Shell Shocked
Writer(s): Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Dani Michaeli
Creative director: Vincent Waller
Storyboard director: Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Animation director: Andrew Overtoom
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt
Title card
Sand Castles in the Sand title card.png

“That's shin dig, buddy. We're spending the day at the beach in the honor of our best friendship.”

"Sand Castles in the Sand" is the first segment of the twenty-first episode of season 6, and it is paired up with "Shell Shocked." In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick build sand castles to have fun at the beach, leading to a large-scale battle between them.



SpongeBob gets Patrick so they can go to the beach. They go on the bus to get there, but end up disrupting everyone enough to get kicked out. They get sad as they think they've been abandoned, until they realize they are at the beach. They play with a frisbee, but end up destroying a lifeguard's tower while playing, so the lifeguard tells them to do something less obnoxious.

They start building sand castles, but SpongeBob sees that Patrick's castle can't protect a king and his subjects. When he makes him start over, Patrick gets mad, so SpongeBob focuses on his castle again. However, Patrick throws a sand ball at his castle to make things even. SpongeBob draws a line to separate their area of territory.

The two make bigger castles than before, but part of Patrick's sand castle is in SpongeBob's territory, so he cuts that part. This makes Patrick mad again, so he destroys SpongeBob's sand castle to make them even. They make even bigger castles and sign a treaty to end hostilities between them, but Patrick doesn't follow. He makes an army of sand knights and horses, only for SpongeBob to destroy them using a sand catapult.

He then sends his army to attack Patrick, but he destroys them by using a cannonball. SpongeBob goes inside the castle to discuss with his general and gets the idea to build a sand tank. He comes out of his castle with it, while Patrick has made a sand robot to fight him. Patrick picks up the tank, only for SpongeBob to shoot the robot and destroy it.

After coming down, he realizes Patrick's unconscious and checks to see if he's okay, only for him to fly the head of the robot and drop SpongeBob. Fortunately, he has a parachute and lands in a jet. He shoots missiles at Patrick, only for him to use his own missiles to destroy those.

After SpongeBob outruns the missiles and causes them to destroy Patrick's castle, he ends up destroying SpongeBob's castle to get him back. SpongeBob charges at Patrick's robot head with his jet, destroying them both and leaving them on the ground. They realized what they have caused and promise to live in peace, while the lifeguard makes them clean up their mess.