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A Flea in Her Dome

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"A Flea in Her Dome"
A Flea in Her Dome title card.png
Season number: 5
Production code: 90a
First airing: USA August 1, 2007
Sister episode(s): The Donut of Shame"
"The Krusty Plate
Writer(s): Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Steven Banks
Creative director: Vincent Waller
Storyboard director: Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Animation director: Andrew Overtoom
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt

“I've got a flea? Well, I ain't gonna take that without a fight!”

"A Flea in Her Dome" is the first segment of the tenth episode of season 5, and it is paired with "The Donut of Shame" and "The Krusty Plate." In this episode, Sandy brings a flea back to her treedome.



SpongeBob and Patrick are upset as Sandy has been gone for 2 days and won't be back for over an hour, so they throw a welcome back party at her treedome to show how much they missed her. However, when she comes back and they eat cake as well as do karate, she constantly itches.

She finds out a flea is in her fur and tries to get rid of it. He puts a flea collar around her neck to get rid of the flea, but it goes onto SpongeBob. He uses the flea collar after the flea hurts him, but then it goes onto Patrick and hurts him, so he takes the flea collar. The flea keeps on jumping around on them until Sandy wraps the collar around all three of them.

At the same time, the flea gives birth and then they multiply enough to be able to eat up the collar. They try to get away from the fleas, but end up within them and their bodies get covered in flea bites. Patrick gets angry about the situation and blames SpongeBob and Sandy for getting them into it.

Sandy breaks apart him and SpongeBob as they are fighting and hide out in the treedome until the fleas reach them, and they use the emergency escape hatch to get out. When SpongeBob wonders if they'll now be living in fleas instead of water, it gives Sandy the idea to open the ocean into the treedome to wash out all the fleas, only to accidentally suck up the entire ocean and all its inhabitants into the treedome as well.