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Picture Day

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"Picture Day"
Picture Day title card.png
Season number: 5
Production code: 93a
First airing: USA August 2, 2007
Sister episode(s): Pat No Pay"
Writer(s): Casey Alexander
Dani Michaeli
Creative director: Vincent Waller
Storyboard director: Casey Alexander
Animation director: Alan Smart
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt

“Nice try, alarmy, but you've got to get up pretty early to wake me up on picture day!”

"Picture Day" is the first segment of the thirteenth episode of season 5, and it is paired with "Pat No Pay" and "BlackJack." In this episode, SpongeBob tries to get to boating school for picture day without getting dirty.



SpongeBob gets ready for picture day at boating school, but when he goes out of his house, a piece of seaweed lands on him. He gets ready again and takes an umbrella with him, but gets distracted by Squidward and accidentally gets grabbed by a garbage truck, making him dirty again.

After once again getting ready, he goes into town, when he finds out the teenagers have been let out of school and are pelting everyone with ketchup-filled balloons. He successfully gets away from them, but still gets ketchup on himself from an elderly citizen accidentally squirting it on him.

After cleaning himself again, he puts spongegloss on his body and tries to get to school safely. However, the Sun's light reflects from the spongegloss and hits a truck driver's eyes, causing him to spray water on SpongeBob. At first he's fine, until more trucks crash and cause him to get dirty again. As he's showering, Patrick comes by to borrow some jelly. When he finishes, it gives SpongeBob the idea to have Patrick take him to school while he's in the jar.

However, when he reaches school, he forgets the mission and puts SpongeBob, thinking he's jelly, on his peanut butter taco. He gets upset as he'll be dirty for picture day, when Mrs. Puff brings him in to take his photo. They clean him, makes him put a green outfit, and puts giant dentures in SpongeBob's mouth so he can properly get his picture, which gets on the yearbook.