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Patrick SmartPants

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"Patrick SmartPants"
Patrick SmartPants main image.png
Smart Patrick patting SpongeBob
Season number: 4
Production code: 68a
First airing: USA October 21, 2005
Sister episode(s): SquidBob TentaclePants
Writer(s): Casey Alexander
Chris Mitchell
Tim Hill
Storyboard director: Casey Alexander
Chris Mitchell
Animation director: Tom Yasumi
Technical director: Vincent Waller
Supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt
Title card
Patrick SmartPants title card.png

“I know we've had fun in the past, but we're just not compatible anymore. It's time we went our separate ways...such is life.”

"Patrick SmartPants" is the first segment of the eighth episode of season 4, and it is paired with "SquidBob TentaclePants." In this episode, Patrick becomes extremely smart after falling off a cliff, but his new personality affects his relationship with SpongeBob.



SpongeBob and Patrick are jellyfishing at Jellyfish Fields and then play tag. While playing, Patrick crashes into a sign and falls down a cliff. SpongeBob goes down and finds his head. Soon after, the rest of Patrick comes by and SpongeBob gives him his head. He suddenly becomes smart and the two continue jellyfishing, only for Patrick to study them.

He tries to have fun with Patrick, but he doesn't have fun back. He then leaves and later is studying Plankton at his house. SpongeBob comes and asks if they could go to Squidward's house. They enter his home, where Patrick showcases his knowledge on music. Squidward wants him to be his mentor, but after hearing his terrible music, he gets angry and tells him to find a new mentor.

SpongeBob wants to do things with Patrick, but he says they are not compatible anymore because of his new personality and must go their separate ways, making SpongeBob upset. He goes to Sandy's treedome to get professional help, but sees Patrick hanging out with her and leaves. Patrick says something that suggests Sandy is dumb, so she makes him leave.

At their houses, SpongeBob and Patrick read their friend books. Patrick gets upset and wonders why they have grown apart. He tries to figure out how to solve his problem, but fails to find a solution. Later, he kidnaps SpongeBob and tries to do the fun activities they used to do, but fails to have any real fun. He falls off the cliff from earlier again to ascertain the origin of his change.

However, he doesn't change after falling down. He finds out that SpongeBob had put the wrong head on Patrick and his head was in a different position, and that the head he found was in a Brain Coral Field. SpongeBob puts Patrick's original head on him, turning him back to normal. They laugh and start jellyfishing again.


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