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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
BFBB Rehydrated cover artwork.jpg
Packaging artwork used on all platforms
Developer(s): Purple Lamp Studios
Publisher(s): THQ Nordic
Release date(s): USA June 23, 2020
Genre(s): 3D platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Modes: Single player
Media: Cartridge

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated is a 3D platformer game in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. It was developed by Purple Lamp Studios and published by THQ Nordic. The game released on June 23, 2020, for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. It is a remake of the console version of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, featuring updated graphics and a multiplayer mode.


Golden Spatulas[edit]

Level 1: Bikini Bottom
SpongeBob's Closet On Top of the Pineapple Annoy Squidward Ambush at the Tree Dome On Top of Shady Shoals Infestation at the Krusty Krab On Top of the Chum Bucket A Wall Jump in the Bucket
Level 2: Jellyfish Fields
Top of the Hill Cowa-Bungee! Patrick's Dilemma Spelunking Navigate the Canyons and Mesas Drain the Lake Defeat King Jellyfish Slide Leap
Level 3: Downtown Bikini Bottom
End of the Road Learn Sandy's Moves Tikis Go Boom Across the Rooftops Swingin' Sandy Ambush in the Lighthouse Extreme Bungee Come Back with the Cruise Bubble
Level 4: Goo Lagoon
Connect the Towers Save the Children King of the Castle Over the Moat Through the Sea Caves Clean Out the Bumper Boats Tower Bungee Slip and Slide Under the Pier
Level 5: Poseidome
Rumble at the Poseidome
Level 6: Mermalair
Top of the Entrance Area Top of the Computer Area Shut Down the Security System The Funnel Machines The Spinning Towers of Power Top of the Security Tunnel Complete the Rolling Ball Room Defeat Prawn
Level 7: Rock Bottom
Return the Museum's Art Get to the Museum Swing Along Spatula Stop the Plundering Robots Across the Trench of Darkness How in Tarnation Do You Get There? Lasers are Fun and Good for You Slip Sliding Away
Level 8: Sand Mountain
Frosty Bungee Top of the Lodge Defeat Robots on Guppy Mound Beat Mrs. Puff's Time Defeat Robots on Flounder Hill Beat Bubble Buddy's Time Defeat Robots on Sand Mountain Beat Larry's Time
Level 9: Industrial Pak
Robo-Patrick Ahoy!
Level 10: SpongeBob's Dream
Across the Dreamscape Follow the Bouncing Ball Slidin' Texas Style Swingers Ahoy Music is in the Ear of the Beholder Krabby Patty Platforms Super Bounce Here You Go
Level 11: Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
Top of the Entrance Area A Path Through the Goo Goo Tanker Ahoy! Top of the Stack of Ships Shipwreck Bungee Destroy the Robot Ship Get Aloft There, Matey! Defeat the Flying Dutchman
Level 12: Kelp Forest
Through the Woods Find All the Lost Campers Tiki Roundup Down in the Swamp Through the Kelp Caves Power Crystal Crisis Kelp Vine Slide Beat Mermaid Man's Time
Level 13: Chum Bucket Lab
Kah - Rah - Tae! The Small Shall Rule... Or Not
Return 10 Socks to Patrick Return 20 Socks to Patrick Return 30 Socks to Patrick Return 40 Socks to Patrick Return 50 Socks to Patrick Return 60 Socks to Patrick Return 70 Socks to Patrick Return 80 Socks to Patrick
Mr. Krabs
Pay Mr. Krabs 3,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 6,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 9,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 12,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 15,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 18,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 21,000 Shiny Objects Pay Mr. Krabs 24,000 Shiny Objects


14 different robots appear as enemies throughout the game.

  • Fodder: The weakest and most common robot.
  • Ham-mer: Robots that slam the ground using metal hams.
  • Tar-Tar: Robots that stay in one place and fire tartar sauce.
  • G-Love: A robot that can only be destroyed through attacking its top or using Sandy's lasso.
  • Monsoon: Flying robots that attack with thunderstorms.
  • Sleepy-Time: Large robots that are asleep. If they are woken up while a character is in range, they begin attacking.
  • Chuck: Floating robots that fire missiles.
  • Tubelet: Fire-breathing robots found in groups of three.
  • Slick: Tall robots that attack by firing oil. They are usually surrounded by regenerating shields.
  • Bomb-Bot: Small bombs that follow the playable character and explode.
  • Bzzt-Bot: Small robots that fire lasers, which get increasingly more dangerous.
  • Chomp-Bot: Dog-like robots that run towards SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sandy.
  • Arf: Large, cowboy-like robots.
  • Arf Dawg: Small minions of Arf.



  • Golden Spatulas: The game's main collectable. Golden Spatulas are used to unlock new areas, and there are 100 of them in total.
  • Shiny Objects: Flower-like currency that can be found in the open or obtained from destroying robots or tikis. Shiny Objects are used to pay clams to trigger events, gain access to the Theater, and can be exchanged to Mr. Krabs for Golden Spatulas.
  • Patrick's socks: Unique collectable items that can be exchanged to Patrick for Golden Spatulas. Socks are located in every non-boss level in the game.
  • SpongeBob's underwear: Health pickups that restore damage.
  • Golden underwear: Rare items found in Bikini Bottom. When obtained, they increase all characters' maximum health. Three pairs of golden underwear can be collected for a total of six health.
  • Teleport Box: A brown box that appears in pairs in a level. If both boxes have been found, characters can jump into one to teleport out of the other.
  • Checkpoint: A flag that reads "CHECKPOINT." Once a checkpoint has been activated, characters respawn there until they either leave the level or trigger another.
  • Throw Fruit: Watermelons that Patrick can throw to trigger buttons, defeat robots, or get to higher areas.
  • Freezy Fruit: Ice cubes that can be thrown to freeze goo, allowing Patrick to safely walk on it.


  • Wooden Tiki: The most basic form of tiki. They can be destroyed with any attack and give two Shiny Objects.
  • Floating Tiki: Blue tikis that are suspended in the air by bubbles. They can be used as platforms or Bubble-Bashed through by SpongeBob. Destroying a Floating Tiki earns five Shiny Objects.
  • Shhh Tiki: Blue tikis that hide when a character approaches. SpongeBob must sneak up on them to prevent them from hiding. They are also vulnerable to long-range attacks like the Bubble-Bowl, and give eleven Shiny Objects.
  • Thunder Tiki: Red tikis with lightning bolt symbols. When a character approaches them, they flash red and explode after a few seconds. They give fifteen Shiny Objects.
  • Stone Tiki: Gray, almost indestructible tikis. They can mainly be destroyed by a Thunder Tiki's explosion, and doing so grants twenty-five Shiny Objects.
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