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SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula
Legend of the Lost Spatula.jpg
Front box art
Developer(s): Vicarious Visions
Engine Software[1]
Publisher(s): THQ
Release date(s): USA March 2001
Europe May 2001
Genre(s): Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Modes: Single player
Media: Cartridge

SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula is a SpongeBob SquarePants game for the Game Boy Color. It was developed by Vicarious Visions and publishe by THQ in 2001. SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula is the first video game of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise, although SpongeBob's first overall appearance in a video game was Nicktoons Racing.


While SpongeBob is in Jellyfish Fields, he finds what appears to be a statue of a fry cook standing on an oven. SpongeBob rushes back to the Krusty Krab, asking Mr. Krabs about the statue. Mr. Krabs explains that the statue was the entrance to the Flying Dutchman's Underworld. Mr. Krabs then tells the old legend of Palm Bay, where a master fry cook who ruled with the Golden Spatula lived. One day, the city and its civilization was ended by Mt. Kabloovious. The Flying Dutchman took over the city, and his first mate buried the key somewhere in Goo Lagoon. Mr. Krabs then tells SpongeBob that he will become the master fry cook if he can obtain the Golden Spatula. Believing he is destined to be the ocean's greatest fry cook, SpongeBob starts his adventure.

SpongeBob travels to Goo Lagoon to find the key. He finds an anchor and dives along with it, and it crashes through the bottom of Goo Lagoon, revealing a treasure chest. He then obtains a treasure map that shows where the four oven knob keys are located. SpongeBob must go through four areas, Jellyfish Fields, The Carnival, Kelpazoic Jungle, and the Undersea Desert, each with an oven knob key. After this, SpongeBob can unlock the door of the statue and enter the Underworld. SpongeBob first ends up in Rock Bottom. After going through the city, SpongeBob eventually finds a hole leading down to the Flying Dutchman's Underworld.

The climax involves a final boss battle against the Flying Dutchman on a sunken ship. After defeating the Flying Dutchman, SpongeBob finds the Golden Spatula and returns it to the Krusty Krab, earning himself the title of master fry cook.


The gameplay mostly consists of basic side-scrolling platforming. SpongeBob is the playable character. His health system is represented by his clothes: if SpongeBob takes damage, he loses his pants, revealing his underpants. If he takes damage again, he loses his underpants, leaving him embarrassed with no clothes. If this happens, SpongeBob warps back to the starting area. By talking to Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob obtains the Hall Monitor uniform, which increases his maximum health points to three.

There are a few menus: the Pause Menu, the Safety First Screen, and the Utility Belt. The Pause Menu has the options of restarting the area, quitting the game, viewing the save password, or resuming the game. The Safety First screen has the options of viewing missions, checking the map, or equipping items

SpongeBob can talk to other characters for hints on what to do next. Some of Bikini Bottom's denizens give a small task for SpongeBob to do in exchange for a special item.


  • D-Pad:
    • Left or right: Move SpongeBob in the respective directions
    • Up: Talk to a character; moves camera view up for a few seconds
    • Down: Moves camera view down for a few seconds; crouch
  • A: Use item
  • B: Jump
  • START: Opens the Pause Menu
  • SELECT: Opens the Safety First Screen
  • Up & SELECT: Utility Belt Screen





There are four bosses in the game, and each of them guard an oven knob.

Image Name Description
Big Jellyfish A giant jellyfish located in JellyFish Fields.
Jungle Fish A fish who resides in Kelpazoic Jungle.
Hot Sauce Bandito A fish located in the wild west area, Undersea Desert.
The Flying Dutchman The final boss and main antagonist, The Flying Dutchman guards the Golden Spatula in the underworld.


Note: The places are listed in accessibility order.


SpongeBob uses different items to help him through his adventure.

Sprite Name Description
Oven Knob LotLS sprite 1.png Oven Knob LotLS sprite 2.png Oven Knob LotLS sprite 3.png Oven Knob LotLS sprite 4.png Oven Knob SpongeBob must recover all four Oven Knobs to unlock the entrance of the Jellyfish Fields statue.
Golden Spatula LotLS sprite.png Golden Spatula A legendary spatula that earns its owner the title of master fry cook.
Bubble Wand LotLS sprite.png Bubble Wand One of SpongeBob's main items, he can blow bubbles from it to scare away enemies.
Glasses LotLS sprite.png Glasses These are x-ray glasses that enable SpongeBob to see through treasure chests before opening them. He obtains it after bringing some jelly to Squidward.
Hydro Dynamic Spatula A stronger version of the Spatula that can fire infinite Krabby Patties. It is obtained after delivering the pizza to the customer in the Kelpazoic Jungle and giving Mr. Krabs the money.
Jellyfish Hive A hive containing all-natural Jellyfish jelly. It is found at Jellyfish Fields.
Jellyfish Net LotLS sprite.png Jellyfish Net With it, SpongeBob can catch jellyfish and scallops.
Moon Man Catcher An upgraded Net Launcher that can fire infinite net ammo. SpongeBob obtains it after returning Sandy's Hat to Sandy.
Net Launcher LotLS sprite.png Net Launcher With it, SpongeBob can engulf enemies in nets to defeat them. The item is found at Goo Lagoon.
Ol' Reliable A upgraded version of the Jellyfish Net, allowing SpongeBob to catch more enemies. He obtains it after returning Patrick's Shorts to Patrick.
Patrick's Shorts These are Patrick's favorite pair of shorts that were lost at the carnival.
Power Ring LotLS sprite.png Power Ring An item received from Mermaid Man, the Power Ring grants SpongeBob infinite health points and improves his running and jumping power.
Sandy's Hat A hat belonging to Sandy that was stolen in the Undersea Desert.
Spatula LotLS sprite.png Spatula With the Spatula, SpongeBob can fling Krabby Patties at enemies to stun them. The item is obtained at Goo Lagoon.
Spring Shoes LotLS sprite.png Spring Shoes A pair of shoes found at Goo Lagoon that allow SpongeBob to jump higher.


Sprite Name Description
Pair of Pants These increase SpongeBob's health point by one.
Hall Monitor Uniform A uniform given to SpongeBob by Mrs. Puff, it increases his maximum health points to three.
Hall Monitor Badge These restore two of SpongeBob's health points.
Krabby Patty These are ammo for the Spatula.
Net Ammo These are ammo for the Net Launcher.


  • PN6P6LLLL3: Stage 1 - SpongeBob's Block
  • HGH0HK2K2K: Stage 2 - Downtown
  • GHGZGYFYYY: Stage 3 - Outer Town
  • LMLL3YFYYY: Stage 4 - Sandy's Park
  • PN6P6P6PP6: Stage 5 - The Goo Lagoon
  • NP5N5FYFFF: Stage 6 - Undersea Desert
  • 65P6PH0H0H: Stage 7 - The Carnival
  • LMLL3-T-TT: Stage 8 - JellyFish Fields
  • RQR88DDDDD: Stage 9 - Kelpazoic Jungle
  • 6HGZGSSS99: Stage 10 - Rock Bottom
  • FDYFFFYFFF: Stage 11 - Dutch Under

There are three other passwords that are not mentioned in the game. They were used by the developers for debugging the game.

  • D3BVG-MoD3: First Level
  • 1T3MS4FR33: All items
  • -THQ-0NLY-: Stage select


  • "Ripped Pants": At the Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob shows his ripped pants during certain interactions with the fish.
  • "Pizza Delivery": In one part of the game, Mr. Krabs assigns SpongeBob the task of delivering a pizza to an explorer at Kelpazoic Jungle.
  • "Hall Monitor": When SpongeBob first talks to Mrs. Puff, she gives him the Hall Monitor uniform.


  • GameSpot rated the game 3.8 out of 10, they praised its graphics but criticized the game's lack of variety and simplified gameplay.
  • IGN rated the game 6 out of 10, praising the large levels, multiple objectives, and the amusement from characters. Their criticisms were over the password save system and level design.