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Old Bluelip jumping from the water.png
A giant clam jumps out of the water, about to eat Mr. Krabs' millionth dollar
Season number: 3
First airing: USA September 20, 2002
Sister episode(s): New Student Starfish
Writer(s): Jay Lender
Sam Henderson
Mark O'Hare
Creative director: Derek Drymon
Storyboard: Caleb Meurer
Storyboard director: Jay Lender
Sam Henderson
Animation director: Sean Dempsey

"Clams" is the second segment of the thirteenth episode of season 3, and it is paired with "New Student Starfish". In this episode, a giant clam eats Mr. Krabs' millionth dollar.



At the Krusty Krab, a customer orders coral bits for one dollar. As soon as Squidward puts it in the cash register, an alarm blares out. Mr. Krabs happily bursts out of his office, with celebratory orchestra music playing, and starts to dance with the dollar. Mr. Krabs informs everyone that he has obtained his millionth dollar, which is every crab's life goal. To celebrate the moment, Mr. Krabs closes the Krusty Krab and pushes out all of the customers. He then tells SpongeBob and Squidward that the three of them will be going on vacation. Squidward hopes that the trip will be at either a beach, a lagoon, or a folk village. Mr. Krabs insists that it will be even better.

To Squidward's disappointment, Mr. Krabs sends the three of them to go clam fishing at a stinky lagoon on a cheap boat, the S.S. Cheapskate. As SpongeBob practices fishing, he casts out most things from the boat, including Mr. Krabs' millionth dollar, which was attached to his back pocket. Mr. Krabs panics and urges SpongeBob to reel the dollar back. Just when Mr. Krabs retrieves his dollar, a giant clam jumps out of the water and eats it. Mr. Krabs cries hysterically and soon turns insane, insisting that none of them will be allowed to leave until they get his dollar back. Squidward and SpongeBob try to trick Mr. Krabs by giving an ordinary dollar to him. Once he realizes the dollar is different, he throws all the food overboard, leaving only one sandwich behind as a reward.

After trying to escape on a smaller boat, SpongeBob and Squidward are used by Mr. Krabs as bait. He plays orchestra music to lure over the giant clam, then he jumps into its mouth, and the clam goes back into the water. Just as SpongeBob and Squidward start feeling hopeless, Mr. Krabs happily emerges from the water with his millionth dollar. It is shown that he traded his entire body, leaving only his head and one arm, in exchange for the dollar.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Cultural references[edit]

  • This episode is a spoof of the film Jaws. The references to the film include the title card, the musical score, and three main characters on a boat chasing a giant sea creature.
  • The episode also features numerous references to Moby Dick, such as Mr. Krabs' obsessive pursuit of the clam and nailing the sandwich to the mast of the ship.


  • Mr. Krabs breaks the fourth wall twice by acknowledging the orchestra and their dramatic music, which is shown behind a double-door on the S.S. Cheapskate. In the scene where SpongeBob is reeling back Mr. Krabs' millionth dollar, the orchestra plays dramatic Jaws-like music. Mr. Krabs begs them to stop playing, but they ignore him. The other time the orchestra is acknowledged is near the end of the episode, when Mr. Krabs dresses and acts as the orchestra's conductor, which attracts Old Bluelip back.
  • When SpongeBob says, "I've never seen Mr. Krabs so broken," seemingly as an idiom, Mr. Krabs is shown to be literally broken apart. In the next scene, Mr. Krabs is back together.

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